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    Real estate is a significant industry in Kerala with most of the residents possessing a strong penchant to own better assets in the urbanised green country. The natives are known for their special interests in the assets located in their home country. The recent developments in the urbanised country is surging the interests of residents in the assets. There are also newly developed assets captivating residents and new settlers. Many residents and natives opt for real estate in kerala. The new assets located among nature and new developments are promoting an endearing relationship between the residents and their home country. The residents including natives are developing a new pride on the newly developed assets located in their home country. These assets are considered to be of more value for the natives. Deluxe homes in the urbanised country and new commercial assets are improving the worth of real estate among natives and new settlers. The investments in the assets are developing a communion between the residents including natives with their home country. The growth of real estate in Kerala is prominent in Kochi renowned as the commercial capita of the green country. Most residents including natives are heading to this capital for their wise investments. Most shrewd investors await the developments of new assets in the city to own them and settle down. There are an influx of residents to own both the deluxe homes and the commercial assets in the green country.

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