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Terms of Use

This board is intended to be a local music-related safe haven from other, more public social media such as Facebook. Here, behind your pseudonym, you should feel safe in the knowledge that your parents, in-laws, or employer PROBABLY won't find the comments you post.

That being said, there are a few rules:

  1. The Kevin Munch Rule: You agree to be as little of a malicious dick as is possible.
  2. The Aussie Solicitor Rule: You will not hold the proprietor of this website responsible should your feelings become hurt.
  3. The You Post It, You Own It Rule: You acknowledge that, while management has convictions about certain things, they will not expend copious amounts of energy hiding your internet footprint from law enforcement should they come knocking.
  4. The NSFW Rule: You acknowledge that this Message Board contains content that is not likely to be safe for work and, thus, we do not recommend using it from your place of employment.
  5. The Bubble of Anonymity Rule: You are not to publicly post personally identifiable information (PII) of other posters. PII is defined as mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, etc. These items are to be shared via private message or chat.

The Meta forum is for site announcements. The General Discussion will probably require a flame retardant suit. Classified Ads are for business only. Site Help is to request assistance in using the site.

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