@Herbert said:

then broke down crying for a while, then got pissed and told us we were all shitty for sitting there and watching him cry.

lol, people who do this are the fucking worst!


@Cro-Bot I wish I could sell old Warhammer figures in a style similar to how that one poster used to sell old cars on Redphir.


@D-rock said:

i've been trying for 45 minutes to quote a post but the submit button stopped working("greyed out") after i tried quoting a reply. then i went back to try again and the quote button stopped loading the reply page, so then i tried to make a new reply and it's not logging the text, and the submit button isnt/wasnt working.

I tried but couldn't recreate your problem.

When all else fails, put a ">" sign at the beginning of an empty line and copy/paste the text you want to quote. Hit ENTER twice after the last quoted line to stop quoting.

Hi. I'm a quote. <ENTER>
Still a quote.<ENTER><ENTER>

Not a quote.

yesterday it took me an hour to figure out how to do that idiotic html img post [...]

From Formatting Posts (Image embedding...)


Other Board How-Tos I wrote. I take requests.

@D-rock I'm sorry you're dissatisfied with the board software. You are experiencing a fundamental problem with message boards across the Internet... if you don't have the resources to spend countless hours writing your own software, you have to use a package that already exists. Most board software out there is based on 1990s technology, which is fine. BBCode is still around because it worked.

I don't think anyone would argue that "redphir" wasn't a particularly fantastic experience. I played it safe in one aspect (using the identical board software the pheerboard used [invented 1998], to give everyone a familiar feeling), and did something completely different to set it apart (RED). It worked for a while but, for various reasons, good posters were driven away while social networks (Facebook) collected them as they dropped off.

This time around, I took the opportunity to do something completely different. I went looking for "new" board software and landed on a very young but very actively developed package: NodeBB. It's so young it's not even at the 1.0 release (0.6 right now). I didn't find anything else out there that was using modern web technologies and I didn't want to take any half-measures with the board software this time. The old board was a ghost town and the risk of losing posters was very low because they were mostly gone anyway (welcome back).

The software is faaar from perfect. If you're a web developer and have the Firebug plug-in, I don't recommend leaving it on while you use this board, lest you see all the ugly imperfections.

Again, welcome back. It's been nice so far seeing old posters trickling in, but if you're out because of your previously stated reasons, I'll be sorry to see you go.